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The Invisible Männe

I have become this faceless man for what I hope is a good reason.      You see, my invisibility is a noble lie; a dishonesty that serves an ironic purpose: to allow me to be completely truthful.

     By way of introduction, I’m a recognizable public figure, whose conservative opinions are the foundation of my career as a journalist and author.  

I am a devoutly religious person; a graduate of seminary, no less.  Even in private life, I have a reputation as a reliable son, husband, father and friend.  

A Conservative with a capital “C”, and like other such cowards who have come before me, I am all right angles and restraint.  I have spent my lifetime avoiding controversy, obscenity and lust.

     But now, my conservative platform serves to work against me, as I am convinced that I have just read a novel that will change my life.  How is that a problem, you ask?  Well, this material is so shocking, controversial and…wrong in so many ways…that my endorsing it publically will brand me a hypocrite.  Scenes of violence, pornography, drug use and paganism paint nearly every inch of every page (only the margins are exceptions); all the categories of immorality that I have spent a career fighting against.  But…I’m left haunted by the thought that this is a very important work.

     So, now you see the reason that I must become The Invisible Männe:  I am a coward.  It is the fear of losing my reputation and livelihood that is this gauze that now hides my face.  This disguise, however, does allow me a freedom I have never before enjoyed…

     In this newly fitted costume of The Invisible Männe, I look forward to being allowed a full range of fucking expression.” 

     If you will indulge me in this process, I hope that I might discover the same conviction as the novel’s protagonist, and with a blade between my teeth, embrace myself as savage.


Let us away…


Yours truly,     

Griffin aka – The Invisible Männe


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