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 Your Mission

White smoke spirals from the remains of a waning fire. An iron cauldron lays overturned in the dust. Most curiously, two fresh graves are marked with primitive crosses.

This clearing in the vastness of The Amazon shows evidence of a burial ceremony, just ended. Without warning, beneath one of the crosses, a head explodes from the earth like a cabbage, gasping for air!

Desperate eyes blink away layers of dust, revealing the face of a man left for dead, who has no memory of who he is or how he arrived there.”

Welcome to the world of BINGE!

This adventure is an exploration into the iconoclastic life of one of this century’s most fascinating American characters, C.W.Männe.

     The story of Binge is inspired by C.W.’s true life exploits in the jungles of Central and South America, and his adoption by the native peoples there.

The story challenges the reader to ‘drink from the wooden cup’; the vessel for ancient medicines.

     This contemporary masterpiece takes its reader on a technicolor journey of self-discovery, forgiveness, acceptance and healing, as practiced by native people for millennia.


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